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dpkg utils location (was Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info)

I hope I am not adding fuel to the fire, but I would like to bring up
another suggestion.

How about moving all (or at least most) of the dpkg utilities, such as
install-info to a place like


which would give a range of possible solutions, including

a) make dpkg-* manipulate path to keep /usr/lib/dpkg first

b) ask users who wants to work in compability mode manipulate their
   path or install a special symlink package mapping the scripts into
   the ordinary space of binaries.

c) do a mix of the above upon inspection of the Standards-Version

That should, IMHO, improve the portability of dpkg (ie. also to
non-debian systems) in the longer run. Apart from this install-info
buisness, I have also experienced problems with GNU md5sum (textutils
1.22) behaving slightly different than what dpkg-source expected.

Apart from start-stop-daemon, is there any other of these dpkg-scripts
that are supposed to be run on a regular basis outside processes of

Of course, we still need to consider the upgrade path, but I think
moving these utilities to a place completely under the control of
dpkg, and teaching the dpkg tools and scripts how to use them there is
a safer solution, at least from the portability perspective.

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