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Re: Debian Releases (was: Show me the money)

Michael Bravo <mbravo@tctube.spb.su> writes:

> Probably a stupid question or a FAQ - suppose the new release is out, what
> would be the most straightforward and automated way to get an 1.3.1-based
> machine with various enhancements (like partial installation of libc6
> support) to be updated to r3? NB: newer packages installed shouldn't be
> downgraded in the process.

dselect (actually dpkg) won't downgrade existing packages.  I upgraded
from 1.2.7 + some hamm to 1.3.1 + some hamm off a CD.

I did have a few problems with the suggestions that dselect made
regarding conflicts - it suggested I get rid of most of my -dev
packages.  This wan't a big problem.  There shouldn't be any trouble
with such a small upgrade using dpkg-ftp, for example, if you're
careful.  If you're not sure, hold the package with `='.

(I was actually quite impressed.)

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