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Re: Checking for old tex packages .....

Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:


> I just had a look at tetex-*'s preinst scripts. It looks like the `dpkg -s
> foo' takes so long. So I just wrote a simple Perl script based on
> Klee's dpkg-perl package. The script parses /var/lib/dpkg/status and
> checks for the old tex packages--just as the shell script, but hopefully
> much faster.


Wouldn't it be easier, faster and more compatible with dpkg to do
something like:


OLDPACKAGES="amsfonts amslatex amstex babel bibtex dviljk dvipsk kpathsea kpaths ea-dev latex latex2e-doc ltxgraph ltxmisc ltxtool makeindex mfbasfnt mfbin mfdcf nt mfnfss ntgclass oldgerman pandora ps2pk psnfss texbin texi2html texinfo texli b texpsfnt textfm xdvik tetex tetexlib tetexdoc"

OLDPACKAGES2="mflib xypic"

echo -en "\n checking for old tex packages "
PACKAGES=`dpkg -l $OLDPACKAGES 2>/dev/null | awk '$1~/^i/ {print $2}'`
PACKAGES2=`dpkg -l $OLDPACKAGES2 2>/dev/null | awk '$1~/^i/ {print $2}'`


Am I missing something?

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