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Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

First off, I admit that the script is not the best solution.  I would love
to see a better one.  But I belive someone mentioned that gnu's came
first, and these two programs have different interfaces with different
results, making a merge very difficult.  As a common curtesy, debian
should change the name of our install-info.  

Saying to h*ll with the gnu stuff is saying to h*ll with the debian users,
and that's very bad debian policy IMHO.

I believe everyone agrees that if we change our programs name, it should
be to dinstall-info.  Now we are faced with the conversion problem.  This
is made worse by the fact that the prerm scripts rely on install-info.  I
believe my second script solved the complaints that people had about the
first one.  This seems to be a good solution to me since the only better
solution (Documentation Policy) will take time to implement and will still
leave the prerm problem.

Replies I would appreciate:
1) Better overall solution, I don't like the script, but it works, I
2) Improved script (the second one was off the top of my head).
3) Notes of flawed info that I've given above.

Replies I don't want to see:
1) To h*ll with GNU, remember Debian, the universal operating system.
   Able to work with most unix software is one possible interpretation.
2) Make gnu change their name.  Come on people, if gnu came out with a
   better and different program called dselect now that we already have
   one, should we have to change our name?


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