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analog copyright take 2

I spoke with the author about analog's copyright, and he had this to say:

> Thanks for your mail, Joey. Let me say first that I'm not attached to my        
> Licence as it now stands. I know what concepts I want to get across, but        
> if you can think of a better wording, that's fine.                              
> As far as your first point is concerned, I'm happy that saying "everything      
> on this CD is free software" is good enough to satisfy the licence. I wanted    
> to allow distributors to sell the CD, but make sure that users knew that        
> they were paying for the physical medium, producers' time etc. and not the      
> program itself. Isn't this a problem that everyone faces? Otherwise a           
> reseller could charge a commercial-software rate, and claim if challenged       
> that it was a realistic charge for their time: the users should be able         
> to assess this for themselves beforehand.

Are debian cd resellers required to say that debian is free software? If not, 
what change can be made to the copyright below to allow analog into debian 
and still keep the author's wishes clear?

   The program may be copied and distributed by any person or organisation
   in any way whatsoever, provided that any distribution is accompanied by a
   copy of the Readme file pertaining to the program. You may not charge for
   distributing the program without first informing the person to whom it is
   distributed that analog is free software.

see shy jo

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