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Re: as86 & ld86 are GNU GPL

On Sun, 31 Aug 1997, Topi Miettinen wrote:

> From: Topi Miettinen <Topi.Miettinen@ml.tele.fi>
> Subject: Bug#1281: as86 & ld86 are GNU GPL
> As for bin86 0.12.0-1, /usr/doc/bin86/copyright states:
> `ld86' and `as86' are now covered by the GNU GPL.
> This bug should be closed.

	Yes, maybe, but the version of bin86 in stable is 0.4-3, and
that version can't be in stable, because `as86' can only be used for
personal use.  Should I upload latest version of bin86 to stable?

	Please, someone, answer this mail... I'm a bit upset
about having a package in stable main which is not free.

Juan Cespedes

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