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Re: sysvinit boot sequence and /etc/init.d/boot

On 31 Aug 1997, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

> I want to split up the monolithic /etc/init.d/boot into multiple parts.
> Right now, it contains too much crud. For example, it has support for
> MD devices etc. which really should be part of the md-utils package.
> So it would be desireable to just split it up and put it in /etc/init.d
> as S00unconfigured, S01keymaps, S01swap, S02fsck, S02isapnp, S03modules,
> etc, etc.
> But since some applications already start using the numbers at S10, we
> don't have enogh space. Especially if we want to keep the stuff sparse
> so another script can be dropped in at the right level.
> I see three solutions for this (apart from renumbering the existing usage
> of the sequence numbers, which is too hard):
> 1. Use S000 - S999 for bootup purposes
> 2. Introduce a new prefix, B00 - B99 which gets executed at boot time
> 3. Put the S00 - S99 for boot time into /etc/rc.boot instead of /etc/init.d
> I like proposal #2 the most, especially since we can then get rid of
> /etc/rc.boot altogether.

Wouldn't proposal #2 stray from most standard commercial UNIX?  If so
I would prefer solution 1.

Jean Pierre

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