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sysvinit boot sequence and /etc/init.d/boot

I want to split up the monolithic /etc/init.d/boot into multiple parts.
Right now, it contains too much crud. For example, it has support for
MD devices etc. which really should be part of the md-utils package.

So it would be desireable to just split it up and put it in /etc/init.d
as S00unconfigured, S01keymaps, S01swap, S02fsck, S02isapnp, S03modules,
etc, etc.

But since some applications already start using the numbers at S10, we
don't have enogh space. Especially if we want to keep the stuff sparse
so another script can be dropped in at the right level.

I see three solutions for this (apart from renumbering the existing usage
of the sequence numbers, which is too hard):

1. Use S000 - S999 for bootup purposes
2. Introduce a new prefix, B00 - B99 which gets executed at boot time
3. Put the S00 - S99 for boot time into /etc/rc.boot instead of /etc/init.d

I like proposal #2 the most, especially since we can then get rid of
/etc/rc.boot altogether.

Comments? Or should I just go ahead and do it :)

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