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Re: Qmail?

> Is qmail going to be moved from experimental to main distribution some
> time before 2.0 release?

>From a long e-mail conversation I had with Dan, I got the impression that he 
will probably not produce a licence that allows us to put qmail anywhere but 
non-free, so it won't be in the main distribution at all.

> And what are we going to do about it being non-compliant with the Policy
> (policy says mailboxes should reside in /var/spool/mail)?

This can be fixed by making the default installation rely on deliver or 
procmail for the final delivery, by putting that on the qmail-start command 
line, instead of "Mailbox" or "Maildir/".

I don't think it is a good idea to patch qmail itself, because:

  a) it is not necessary

  b) Dan will almost certainly not approve the resulting binaries for
     distribution, so we wouldn't be allowed to put them up for ftp.

> What UIDs and GIDs should it use? 101-107 as it is allocated on master
> (why last two are not allocated in the distribution? at least not until
> 1.3) or 70-76 as it's written in it's postins script? Which one is right
> (such differences are subject to bug report I think, aren't they?).

The new standard seems to be 70-76, so it looks like the ones on master are 
from an old /etc/passwd install that is now obsolete.  Recent passwd files 
have this set correctly, so I don't think there is a bug.  It just means that 
you may need to cut&paste from /etc/passwd.dpkg-dist to /etc/passwd, before 
installing qmail.

Cheers, Phil.

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