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Re: Recent Tcl/Tk Changes

Regarding the tcl/tk discussion:

I wonder how we can make TkStep fit into that. TkStep is a replacement  
for Tk with a NEXTSTEP look (the current TkStep4.2p2 rel.5 also features a  
few addtions to Tk4.2p2 like Offix DnD and TIFF and XPM support, see  

Conceptually, TkStep seems to relate to Tk like Xaw95 or neXtaw to Xaw.  
Plain Tk programs should work fine with TkStep (while some might prefer  
the Tk look for certain programs), while some programs (WMRat) need  

I wonder if it's reasonable to come up with a solution similar to  
xaw-wrappers, or are the tkstep maintainers responsible for taking care of  
the necessary provisions ?


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