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questions about libpthread and libc6

Hi folks!

I'm trying to package a more recent version of mysql and ran into problems
with libpthread and libc6:

1. As I've seen, there are still "libpthread*" packages but AFAIK the
threading libs are also included in libc6. But the packages do not
conflict (libc6 just conflicts with an older version of libpthread). In
addition, libc6 seems to place a libpthread in /lib while libpthread
installs the same file into /usr/lib (the files are different though).
Both seem to be linked against libc6. 

2. I compiled mysql with libc6+libc6-dev+libpthread0 installed (no
libpthread0-dev since this package conflicts with libc6-dev) and
mysql seg-faulted immediately after startup.

Then I purged libpthread0 and recompiled mysql. It seems to be running but
segfaults if I do a "mysqladmin shutdown". The strace does not give
valuable information (at least for me). (This might be a mysql problem--I
don't know yet.)

Anyways, what's the role of the libpthread package now that libc6 is

Thanks in advance,


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