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Re: New developer - mercury package.

On Thu, Aug 28, 1997 at 12:48:19AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Tyson Richard DOWD wrote:
> > Firstly, would any of the current developers in Melbourne, Australia,
> > mind verifying my identity to sign my PGP key? If so, please email me.
> i think i'm the only other debian developer in melbourne at the moment,
> so i guess that means me.
> i'd be happy to sign your pgp key - but how do i verify your identity?
> i notice from your email address that you're at unimelb. good. so am i
> (i'm network admin at hawthorn campus). unfortunately, i almost never go
> into parkville campus. maybe we could meet at the next melblinux meeting
> or something?

There's me too now. 

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