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moving discussion about bug tracking system (was Re: Bug#3253: Pinebase64 bug)


I think the discussion about

      - Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug
      - the bug tracking system and feature requests
      - etc

is growing too big for debian-devel now. So I suggest to move this
discussion to "debian-devel-topic-1" (see my other mail for details).

As the bug tracking system is a very important part of the Debian
development, we should definitely discuss the various ideas about handling
"feature requests", "bug priorities", etc.

I'm currently working on new chapters for our "Debian Developers
Reference" and am planning to add a chapter "Handling of Bugs". This
should cover:

    - how to report a bug (from the developer's point of view)
    - forwarding bugs to the upstream maintainer
    - handling of feature requests
    - controlling the bug tracking system
    - etc.

So I think the discussion should give me more inputs on these topics.
Furthermore, I expect a decision about how to change the bug tracking
system to handle "feature requests", or whatever solution we prefer.

Unless there are any objections, I suggest that all intrested people get
themselves subscribed to debian-devel-topic-1 ASAP and we'll continue to
discuss everything there (perhaps with one or two days of delay so that
everyone is subscribed).



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