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Re: Policy about log files

'Andrew Howell wrote:'
>Chris Fearnley writes:
>> 'Philippe Troin wrote:'
>> >
>> >That one is simple:
>> >Should a package remove its log files when removed or purged ?
>> I think policy says to delete them.  But I think the postrm script
>> should prompt before running rm -f.
>This is probably a good idea with a normal remove, but with purge I think
>they should just be deleted no questions asked.

No, with a normal --remove they should NOT be deleted.  This is
already policy.  I think rm -f on log files is too risky (I mean logs
are too important).  I can image a former Red Hat user (where you need
to purge before reinstalling the same version -- have they fixed this
annoyance yet?) could accidently blow away their billing records!!  I
think it should prompt on --purge.

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