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RFC: "many-packages: Confusion with presinst and prerm scripts"

<mirek@zind.ikem.pwr.wroc.pl> wrote :-

> Package: many-packages
> Version: N/A
> Some of preinst/prerm scripts use start-stop-daemon.  In case not
> working demon script with option "set -e" or "#!/bin/sh -e" stops
> with error.
> I found in bind.preinst:
>     start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --oknodo  \
>                 --pidfile /var/run/named.pid  \
>                 --exec /usr/sbin/named 2>/dev/null || true
> Maybe all of other packages should be use this.

This is bug #9349, which is 104 days old, and is currently marked
against Maintainer: "(unknown)" because of the bogus Package:
pseudo-header.  Two questions

1)  Any objections to me reassigning it to the valid alias of general?

2)  Any objections to me closing it?  As far as I can see, the problem
    of a "not working demon script" is somewhat of a non-issue since
    current versions of dpkg uses a C start-stop-daemon and not the
    old perl one.  And if start-stop-daemon returns an error code even
    with --oknodo, the script calling it shouldn't necessarily ignore


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