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Re: Need advice for migration to pgsql

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

> Siggy Brentrup <bsb@debian.org> writes:

> > Looking into the details, I don't see a clear upgrade path to cover
> > all possible cases.. I can't even assume the postgres95 postmaster is
> > running and postgres95 didn't provide a startup script in /etc/init.d
> > (pgsql will).

> I think this may have already been mentioned, but you could just "mv"
> all the old databases to a safe location in the preinst, and provide a
> script that the user can run that will migrate (safely) all these
> files to the new format/location at their leisure.

There won't be a conflict in the location of the database files,
postgres95 installs data files in /var/lib/postgres95 while pgsql will
use /var/lib/pgsql. The problem is: when dumping existing databases,
the old postgres95 server must be running and - as far as I can tell -
the pg_dumpall script (only available in pgsql) must use the old
clients b/c the client/server interface has changed.

The way to go seems to be essentially what Vincent proposed:

Let pgsql conflict with postgres95

 if postgres95 is installed
   # urge user to dump existing databases using the pg_dumpall
   # utility from a pgsql-migrate package
   # and then to manually purge the postgres95 package

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