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Re: Need advice for migration to pgsql

On 13 Aug 1997, Siggy Brentrup wrote:

> Before uploading a pgsql_v6.1.1 package, I need some advice how to
> cope with a migration problem for users who have valuable data in a
> previous postgres95 installation.
> citing postgresql-v6.1.1/migration/1.09_to_6.0:
> : This migration requires a complete dump of the 1.09 database and a
> : restore of the database in 6.0.
> : Those migrating from earlier 1.* releases should first upgrade to
> : 1.09 because the COPY output format was improved from the 1.02
> : release.
> The postgres95 package in bo is version 1.09 - hence no intermediate
> upgrade is required.
> Then, the v6.1.1 INSTALL file instructs to use the pg_dumpall utility
> from v6.1 up to backup an existing database.
> Since pgsql replaces files from postgres95, the backup has to be run
> before pgsql is unpacked or postgres95 is removed.
> I'm thinking of a postgres95-migrate package where pgsql predepends
> upon. Its postinst will check for postgres95 being installed and only
> when this test succeeds prompt the user whether existing databases are
> to be dumped. The postinst will only succeed when postgres95 is not
> installed or existing databases have been successfully dumped.

Why don't you run the backup in pgsql's preinst? 
If pgsql conflicts with postgres95, its preinst will be executed 
before unpacking pgsql, and before postgres95 is removed.
(Debian packaging manual, v, section 6.3) 

Another comment, why is it called "pgsql"? Wouldn't it be less cryptic
to use the long name "postgresql"?

Enrique Zanardi					ezanardi@noah.dfis.ull.es
Dpto. Fisica Fundamental y Experimental
Univ. de La Laguna

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