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new package Moldy, molecular dynamics program

Hello all,

After having gotten the permission of the author (who is wondering
whether anybody will be really interested in his program though) and
reading the policy and packaging manuals and managing to package
the program ``Moldy"  (at least for single-processor use.. didn't manage
to compile the threaded and parallel version yet.. sorry!),

where do I go from here?


I volunteer to maintain the molecular dynamics simulator ``moldy",
suggested placement either in section math or preferably something
like chemistry or science, if it is deemed appropriate for inclusion
in the Debian distribution. The program is under the GPL and in my
humble opinion worthy of more widespread use. I prepared a Debian
source .diff.gz and .dsc, and a binary for i386, linked against libc6.

This in response to the positive reactions (Thanks!!) to my question
on the debian users mailinglist.

Please contact me on what to do next:
- shut up, or
- do something cryptically with pgp (just installed that too), or
- upload the files to somewhere?
Greetings, and thank you all for the positive responses so far,

Frits Daalmans
Conformational Analysis
Gorlaeus Laboratoria
Leiden, The Netherlands
E-mail: frits@chemde5.leidenuniv.nl
Tel: [+31] (0)71-5274505

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