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Re: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages

Anthony Fok wrote:

[discussion about Maelstrom and svgalib]
> See if the newer version support your S3 Virge!  :)  (I have S3 Trio64V+,
> BTW. :)

Great, the new version works for me.  Thanks!
*goes and plays all the svgalib games*

The one remaining problem is that /dev/dsp gives me an EIO, but I'm
pretty sure that's due to a misconfigured kernel[1].  I can fix.
And I'll make Maelstrom less obnoxious when the audio device doesn't
work :)  (It locked up with a blank screen, and I had to kill the
process remotely.)

I'll mail Philippe Troin that I'd like to take Maelstrom and hextype.

 [1] I always have trouble mapping the sparse documentation in the
     soundcard config section to the sparse documentation in my
     soundcard manual.

Richard Braakman

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