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Silentium means YES? (Re: Bugreports about Xresources YES or NO?)

Because nobody responds, I'll take it for a YES votum and file bug reports
against every tiny misfeature in every xresource file I take a closer look
at. I need them to work, because I want to translate them, and I need a lot
of changes, so be aware.

Gosh, am I a nasty boy! :-)

Marcus Brinkmann

Old mail leaved intact, in case somebody is wondering what I'm talking
about. (Don't be so hasty with the delete button then=)

On Aug 05, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm in the progress of translating Xresources in X11/app-defaults to german.
> However, the standard resource files are sometimes a little out-dated. There
> are resources specified, that are not used within the version of the
> program (irritating), there are unspecified resources, that results to ugly
> default values. And there are no resources, where I would like to have a
> resource defined, for translation purpose.
> My question:
> * Should I bugreport unused but specified ressources.
> * Should I bugreport resources not specified, but used (you have window
>   titles like tfillparms, which should be "Gradient Fill Parameters")
> * Should I bug report hard coded english text, that I cannot translate,
>   because it not specified by any resource (for example, because it is
>   changed at runtime, but this is not the only case).
> I can provide detailed information I found out about the resources via
> editres, means I can report:
> "This lines should be added 
> XPaint*.fvd.g.regreg.rge: rgeregre
> [...]
> This lines should be removed or commented out (because not used)
> Bfcnew*Efer*RGesRFfes: htz
> [...]"
> PS: This is related only to resources that specify text (e.g. *label).
> Thank you,
> Marcus

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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