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Pentium Gcc

I am almost finished repackaging the pentium gcc (pgcc) package.  I lost
the original work when I got bit by the fsck/glibc bug.  This is only
going to be for libc6, even though it should be easy to make and altpgcc
package, but I can't mostly cause I don't have the time.

I just have a few comments on this package.  I'm going to need someone to
take over it soon, cause I'll be leaving the project for a while, and
whoever takes it over will probably need to pay some attention to it's web
page, cause new patches are distributed fairly often.  Around 1 every 1-2
weeks.  Also, I packaged it so that you could use pgcc by calling pgcc,
pg++, pc++ instead of i586-linux-g++


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