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Re: Perl Code Obfuscator? in debian? No way.

>>>>> "SirDibos" == SirDibos  <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:

    SirDibos> My ISP recently asked me to do a CGI for him, but
    SirDibos> expects to get a ridiculously low price.  Due to
    SirDibos> circumstances, I have to take the deal.  But to give me
    SirDibos> some bargaining power, are there any perl code
    SirDibos> obfuscators?  Is anyone packaging it for debian?

Obfuscators can always be reverse-engineered.

Try putting a restrictive license on it instead, and plastering
copyright notices all over the place. That's the only solution that
will really work in the long run.
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