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Re: problem in sysklogd initialization: bug?

On Aug 2, Martin Schulze wrote
> Lalo Martins writes:
> > starting /sbin/syslogd ...
> > /etc/rc3.d/S10sysklogd: line 29:    90 Interrupt
> > start-stop-daemon --start --verbose --exec /sbin/syslogd
> I don't know what went wrong but which version do you use?
> Perhaps it might be a bash 1.x vs. 2.x problem?
> (-16 is bash 2.0 compatible)

Hmm. Let's see.

||/ Name            Version        Description
hi  bash            2.0-3          The GNU Bourne Again SHell
hi  sysklogd        1.3-6          Kernel and system logging daemons.

On my CD I have 1.3-15; is -16 in hamm?

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