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Re: pcmcia-cs problems

>I recently downloaded debian 1.3.1 for one of my other computers.  I had
>head good things about debian, and was generally very impressed with te
>distribution.  One problem though, I cannot get the pcmcia-cs module to work. 
>cardmgr exits after reporting the error: "Card Servcices Release does not

You need to say what versions of things you have installed.  "The
latest version" depends on which archive you're downloading from, and
(of course) how recently you looked.

FWIW, I'm running a notebook with Debian 1.2 (mostly), including the

kernel                   2.0.27   (I think I compiled it myself)
pcmcia-modules-2.0.27    2.9.1-1
pcmcia-cs                2.9.1-1
libc5                    5.4.20-1

I use a pcmcia modem with no trouble.  I don't have any other pcmcia
devices.  I realize there are more recent kernels, but have not found
a reason to upgrade.

                               - Jim Van Zandt

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