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We need to work on our advertising

Reading c.o.l.a today, I noticed two ads from commercial companies
that really show that we are not getting our ads are not getting
wide enough distribution, aren't getting read, or are not emphasizing
the right information.

The first was:
> Subject: COMMERCIAL: S.u.S.E. Linux has a baby!
> Followup-To: comp.os.linux.misc
> Date: Thu Jul 31 19:40:13 EDT 1997
> - -NEW!! Booting from CD-ROM: a Linux first! (if BIOS supports it--boot
>    diskette included just in case)

Looks like they didn't see that we already did this. I'm not sure if
Redhat has also done this.

The other is:
> Subject: COMMERCIAL: New release of TRI-LINUX
> Followup-To: comp.os.linux.misc
> Date: Thu Jul 31 19:38:38 EDT 1997
> While maintaing our commitment to the Linux community and to a quality
> product we have expanded TRI-LINUX to become a four(4) CD-ROM set. It now
> includes:
>        o Official Debian 1.3.1 (2 CD set)
>        o Redhat 4.2 (intel) [includes contrib and updates]
>        o Slackware 3.2
> Which one to use?
>        We created this CD set especially for those who are undecided.
>        You can install all three in 3-4 hours and see for yourself. Redhat
>        and Slackware have the easiest install and are both maintained on
>        the internet by small companies with long track records serving the
>        Linux community. Debian is maintained by a band of 120 volunteers
>        across the globe via the internet and its popularity is steadily
>        increasing.

While I agree that dselect could be easier to learn (can't wait to
see what the deity project comes up with), Debian is quite easy to
install - it's just adding packages that leaves people confused.

It would be nice if we get enough contributions to occasionally run
an ad in LJ so we can get some info out that puts us in a good light.
We can't expect commercial companies to check all their facts - it's
not in their best interest.

- Sue

p.s. kudos to i-Connect for their nice ad in LJ. We need a few other
companies whose primary distribution is Debian so we can get this kind
of publicity.

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