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Re: slowing down point releases

> Oh yes! This would be a Good Thing (tm). All the poor and hungry students,

Well, if these "poor and hungry students" would read the upgrade
annoucements, they might simply have looked at xbase_3.3-4 and said
"not worth downloading 50M for those 3 little changes, guess I'll have
that burger after all" :-) 

Yes, there is something to be said for minimizing the changes (in the
X case, some of the changes were conffiles, so an additional
patch-package wouldn't have worked, but shipping only xbase might
have...)  The two things I see as interesting results from all this
would be:
	1) a strategy or set of goals for point releases.  (The first
I heard of 1.3.2 was the bug report on X...)
	2) dpkg support for some kinds of "incremental fix" (or a good
explanation as to why that would be a bad idea...) 

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