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Re: Re^2: Link to Japanese Debian?

On Aug 01, Steve Dunham wrote:
> FYI, if your locale is set to 'de' the files in
>    /usr/X11/lib/X11/de/app-defaults
> will override the usual ones.  (So you can localize some X applications.)
> It would be nice if someone could translate XTerm, etc. into various
> languages...
> Steve
> dunham@cps.msu.edu

Does anybody more about it? I tried it out, but couldn't get it to work.
The documentation lacks.

About locale settings:

How about a groub of interested people, that think a bit about a standard
way to internationalize Debian?

Here a quick summary:

* There is the Consistent Keyboard Configuration (see
* There is the GNU locale.
* There are various translations of man pages (somewhat outdated ?)
* There are various translations of HOW-TOs (somewhat outdated ?)
* I don't know about info files...
* Steve says, that X supports locale settings for the resource database (see
  above). Someone knows anything? It didn't work for me (hamm).

Things that we need:
* A few clever ideas how to support languages in the overall debian system:
  - GNU locale settings
  - X resource database
  - non-standard packages
  - seperation of system and user settings
  - seperation of language specific and not languagic speficific entries in
    config files.
* Translations of the Debian manuals under /usr/doc/debian*.
* Translations of the Debian docs coming soon.
* Translations of the package description field.
* Translations of the .../X11/lib/app-defaults resources
* Individual configuration of the various packages that don't support a
  standard way like gnu-locale (mailers, text editors,...). this needs to be
  done carefully and on a user basis. Perhaps something that can be done
  with the admin tool sometimes. For the beginnning, a few scripts would be
  great, I think.

Are there enough interested people? Perhaps we should start with a
discussion independent from the languages themself, and then start to
translate (can be parallel IMO).

BTW: What languages can we supply? We have english, and surely enough people
to work on french and german. perhaps spanish, polish, italian? ...?

Thank you,

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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