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Re: source dependencies - and recomndations

On %M %N, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> 	Allow me to clarify my position. I *am* in favour of source
>  dependencies -- and I am against packages that only build on the
>  maintainers box. However, I do not think we need depend on exact
>  versions for all source dependencies and attempt byte-for-byte
>  indentity. As long as the package builds, passes the regression tests
>  (if any) and apears to perform well, I do not think we need to
>  *exactly* reproduce the maintainers environment. In fact, the
>  necessity of reproducing the maintainers environment to the last
>  version number should be seen as a bug in the package. My
>  package. angband, builds just as well with make-3.75-3 as with
>  make-3.75-12.
> 	There may well be cases that source dependencies will have to
>  be versioned, but it should not be the norm.

you are right. -3 or -12 doesn't matter. but using bison or byacc can
make a big difference. and compiling with xxx support or without xxx
also. let's say : the difference should be minimal.


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