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Re: Summary? Re: source dependencies - and recomndations

On %M %N, Lalo Martins wrote
> On Jul 31, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote
> > > Source-Depends: x,y
> > > Source-Recommends: z
> > > Source-Suggests: t
> > 
> > For autobuilding, the build script will combine all three Fields to one,
> > and threat it as a single Source-Depends. So th effect is a optical
> > effect IMO.
> The build script can have some flags to treat them differently. Maybe an
> --interactive flag that warns about "Suggests" and "Recommends", a
> --ignore-suggests and a --ingore-recommends.

sure. but why ?  the build script should compile a debian package, and
not something that is nearly the same like a debian package.

i still don't see, why you people want these features ? and i don't know
why anyone should use them.


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