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Re: source dependencies - and recomndations

>>"Andreas" == Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:

Andreas> On %M %N, Joey Hess wrote
>> I think we also need a Source-Recommends field. There are some
>> packages that should be built with some other package installed,
>> but will build ok without it.

Andreas> the main question is : should we use source dependencies to
Andreas> build the packacke, or to reproduce the package like the
Andreas> maintainer build it ?

	I see no merit in bending over backwards to generate the same
 bits that someone else has already prodced. I think we want to
 prodice a binary package, maybe at some point to be the *only* binary
 package produced (maintainers upload diffs, the autobuild makes the
 binary package).


 He's dead, Jim.
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