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Re: non-debian kernels -- bizzar?

>>"Hamish" == Hamish Moffatt <hmoffatt@mail.com> writes:

Hamish> Feature request: when you install a kernel, /vmlinuz is
Hamish> changed to /vmlinuz.old, and the new kernel ->
Hamish> /vmlinuz. Similar for System.map. So I set up a LILO entry
Hamish> called previous. Any chance that upon removing a
Hamish> kernel-package generated kernel package, things could be
Hamish> changed back? Since no history is available except the
Hamish> previous I would assume that would mean both the current and
Hamish> previous (/vmlinuz and /vmlinuz.old) would now point to the
Hamish> previous version.

	Hmm. This may not be fully possible (I mean, I don't know what
 to link to /vmlinuz.old). Take the following seqence of events as an

                         vmlinuz        vmlinuz.old
Install 2.0.24		 2.0.24		
Install 2.0.25		 2.0.25		2.0.24
Install 2.0.26		 2.0.26		2.0.25
Install 2.0.27		 2.0.27		2.0.26
Install 2.0.28		 2.0.28		2.0.27
Install 2.0.29		 2.0.29		2.0.28
Delete  2.0.27		 2.0.29		2.0.28
Delete  2.0.25		 2.0.29		2.0.28
Delete  2.0.28		 2.0.29		?????? (2.0.26?)
Install 2.0.30		 2.0.30		2.0.29
Delete  2.0.30           2.0.29         ?????? (2.0.26?)

	Remember, before deleteing 2.0.28, all I see is two links, 
 vmlinuz & vmlinuz.old, pointing to 2.0.29 and 2.0.28. If I am
 removing a version not pointed to by these links, there is no

	If I am removing a version pointed to by one of these links,
 then I have to replace this by a link to another (existing) file.

	If I am removing the fole pointed to by /vmlinuz, I can move
 /vmlinuz.old to /vmlinuz, and the problem reverst to replacing the
 symlink /vmlinuz.old.


	I guess one can list /boot/vmlinuz-*, delete the name pointed
 to by /vmlinuz, and choose the last (lexically or chronographically) 
 Would this be acceptable behaviour?

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