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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases: linking shlibs against shlibs...

In article <m0wrtI6-000HKXC@lisa> you write:
>> > On %M %N, Federico Di Gregorio wrote
>> $ make
>> gcc -g -shared -Wl,-soname,libfakeroot.so.0 -o libfakeroot.so.0.0 libfakeroot.o -ldl -lc
>> $ ldd libfakeroot.so.0.0
>>         statically linked
>> What am I doing wrong?
>dunno! I am having the same problem. Maybe if libfakeroot.o does not
>require libc nor libdl (and I dont think its the case... :(,
>they dont get linked in and so the lib is statically linked.

Make sure you have the symlinks for libdl.so and libc.so in /usr/lib,
if they are not there, gcc will not find the shared library and
instead link statically.


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