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help on daemon gui/uid (again)

Hi everybody and sorry if last time I wrote I posed my questions
in the wrong terms. I was not asking how to create a new system
group/user but if doing it in my case is right. Let me explain
a little better (I hope):

I have wwwoffled, a daemon thar works like a proxy when you
are on line and like a cache when you are offline.
It runs as root.root and writes the cache to /var/spool/wwwoffle.

The program can set is uid/gid on start. It is better to

1. run it as root.root just like now.

2. change to wwwoffle.wwwoffle and have /var/spool/wwwoffle
   reflect that (i.e., have it owned by that user/group)

3. run it as nobody.nogroup and have /var/spool/wwwoffle owned
   by nouser/nogroup.

What's the best for security? What are the problems?


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