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Re: Packaging system improvements

Behan Webster writes:
 > Adrian Bridgett wrote:
 > > How about a full hierarchal structure than the two levels we currently
 > > have - which are non-free/control/main as the first level and then
 > > base/web/doc/devel/... as the second level.
 > I don't think this buys you anything.  Despite being able to
 > categorize a package down even further, you are still categorizing
 > things buy a single feature.  But what feature should you use?
 > Is emacs classified as an editor?  An X11 program?  A full-screen
 > program?  A web browser?  A mail reader?  It can be classified as
 > anyone of those things and more. Many programs (although to a
 > lesser extent than emacs) fit into multiple categories.

This reminds me I didn't see any answer to my question on *HOW* you
would make a distinction between a program using X11 as an interface,
and a package part of the core X11 stuff, with only a Keywords: field.

I still advocate adding more fields, like "Interface:", to the
existing "Section:", for addressing such problems. Then you'll have a
"X11" keyword as Interface, and a "X11" keyword as Section; this seems
to me much more intuitive...

BTW, emacs *IS NOT* a web browser. 'w3' is one, that Depends on emacs;
OTOH, I don't know anyone installing emacs just for reading mail with
rmail, so I add the same comment about 'vm' as a mail-reader... Thus
we spare 2 keywords. Anyway, emacs does provide 'mail-reader', doesn't
it ?...

 > Now, if you use Keywords on the otherhand, you can specify multiple
 > categories for each package.  All packages can be described in
 > multiple ways after all.

Note that even if we finally get hierarchical structure in "Section:"
or any similar field (and I'm strongly *for* this extension), the dir
structure need not reflect it...

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>


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