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Re: tex documentation

>>"Lalo" == Lalo Martins <lalo@webcom.com> writes:

Lalo> Hi.

Lalo> I just noticed that some documentation that comes with the
Lalo> kernel is only available in TeX format. I understand this is
Lalo> contrary to Debian policy (I just choose not to have TeX here
Lalo> untill I upgrade the HD). Should I report this as a bug, or is
Lalo> it a special case?

	Hmm, I see nothing in the policy document that says that all
 upstream documentation has to be converted into HTML (the actual
 language says ``Preferred documentation formats'' and ``you should if
 possible'' do the conversion).

	IMHO shipping non HTML documentation is not a bug; you may
 request that it be converted, but TeX is quite human readable
 anyway. (I have found that smp.tex and cdrom-standard.tex have pretty
 minimal markup)

	Secondly, I see just three TeX files there. One of them
 devices.tex, has a corresponding devices.txt. So there is only the
 cdrom standard, and the smp document, both of whom are quite
 minimally marked.

	Thirdly, yes, I think the kernel is a special case; I don't
 want Debian tools to make any more changes than absolutely required
 in the kernel sources.

 Well, punk is kind of anti-ethical, anyway.  Its ethics, so to speak,
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 Punks are anti- ismists, to coin a term.  But nonetheless, they have
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