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Re: The i2o Bus: A Conspiracy Against Free Software?

> 	Membership is $5000/year.
> 	You can't develop software or hardware for it without being a member.
> 	You can't disclose source code for your drivers.
> 	You must stop making hardware or software for it if you lose membership

gee, for some reason or another, my lawyer's mind keeps echoing,
"conspiracy in restraint of trade," "unlawful combination," "cartel,"
"attempt to monopolize," and such things.  Not to mention, "unfair
competition" and such similarities from the common law. . .

> 	Members can vote out other members.

good Lord, another "Full Employment for Lawyers" scheme . . .

> The backers of this are Microsoft, Novell, Hewlet-Packard, and NETFrame.

Microsoft and Novell cooperating on *anything* is enough to draw
suspicion . . . 

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