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How to get old genksyms for precompiled kernel module?

First of all, I hope this is the right place to ask - I already did on
the Debain user list but so far got no answer! If not, please tell me.

After the upgrade from Debian-1.2.18 to 1.3.* a precompiled kernel
module for accessing AFS-volumes stopped working. As the source code is
not freely available I can't recompile it. I have asked on the the
linux-afs mailing list what to do and got the following answer:

> Downgrade to an older version of the module utility package (you need
> modutils 2.0) and recompile your kernel using the old genksyms

My question with regard to this advice is, what exactly do I have to
downgrade to get the old genksyms and will it break something if I
downgrade. I'm a bit confused because the modules packages was replaced
by the modutils package but there seems to be a difference  in
funcionality between these two packages and perhaps I also need an older
kernel package...<sigh> I'm a bit confused - did I say so before ;-)

Ok, any help will receive heaps of appreciation! - I really do not like
the idea of downgrading our systems to 1.2.18 just to get AFS working



PS: By the way: Debian is great - You've created a fantastic
distribution! Thanks!!!
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