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Musings about M3

There's a slight problem I've run into in building Modula 3 as a set of
Debian packages (apart from the physical one of a broken wrist..) - several
of the later programs and libraries depend upon earlier programs/libraries
being installed and working in their respective directories. In particular,
some of the X-related libraries (formsvbtpixmaps, I think, springs to mind)
need to use m3bundle to compile; m3bundle needs libm3 to be installed...
(unless I can change /etc/ld.so.{conf,cache} on-the-fly :-)

In this situation, do I build as many packages as I can in debian/rules,
and ask the person building them to install them as s/he goes? I very
much doubt I can get things to work properly in one hit without relying
upon such a situation.

As for when it'll be ready - I honestly don't know. Right now, I'm lucky
if I hit 20 wpm... (average a month ago was around 60 or so. *sighs*)
Anybody got a spare hand lying around somewhere? :-)

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