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Re: Plans for packaging GIMP 0.99

Ben Gertzfield <che@imsa.edu> writes:
> libgimp		-- The libgimp and libgimpui libraries
> libgimp-dev	-- The header files and static libraries for above

Are these likely to use used separately from both GIMP and gtk?  I
guess plug-ins might link with this and not gtk?  If so, it's probably
reasonable, but you don't want *needless* package proliferation.

> libgtk		-- The libgtk and libgdk widget libraries for X
> libgtk-dev	-- The header files and static libraries for above

Please don't forget to encode the sonames of the library into at least
the library package name, so you get libgtk0 or libgtk1.  This allows
multiple, incompatible versions of the library to exist on a single
system, so that, say, if someone compiles gzilla, and then libgtk goes
through some large interface change that renders it totally
incompatible, it will be possible for users of gzilla to keep the old
library around and thus use both gimp and gzilla until gzilla is

> The header information seems to want to go into /usr/include/libgimp
> and /usr/include/gtk -- this isn't part of the FSSTND (I couldn't
> find the FHS on the web..)  but is it kosher? The header files are
> for compiling your own plugins, for the most part.

Or other programs, like gzilla or gmail or whatever.

If most stuff compiled with gtk uses '#include <gtk/llama.h>', put
them in /usr/include/gtk.  If most stuff compiled with gtk just uses
<llama.h>, just drop them in /usr/include.  The packaging system is
supposed to allow users to not have to worry about such clutter...

> The textures, gradients, and scripts seem to want to go into
> /usr/share/gimp -- again, is this legal? Or should I re-write things
> to put them into a different place?

I think debian has succumbed to using /usr/share for arch-independent
support files.


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