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Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.

> > And I completely agree with you. What's the purpose of having main,
> > contrib, and non-free areas in the first place? I thought not because
> > we had guidelines on what to put in there but to serve some user and
> > vendor needs.
> Yes, and I'm a user too!
> When I use a piece of software, and spend time to learn it, I want
> to be sure that:
>   1) I'll be able to run it in five year's time on my Gamma++10^23Mhz
>      Processor. 

(theoretical speed-of-light limit on CPU frequency is 10^9 / 10^10 Hz=
1000/10000 MHz depening on actual chip size. I am also a physisist, you
know :)

>   2) I'll be able to use pieces (interfaces, whatever) of that
>      software in stuff I write myself.


different vendors and users may have whatever different and unpredictable
needs. And we can't serve all of them at the same time. And my claim is
that most venors care on whether package could be redistributed _now_
and most users are interested in getting as much as possible software
on their CD to install on their current machine _now_ and not in five
years and not on a different platform. By that time there will be
different distribution, different packages, different vendors and CDs,

Alex Y.

> To be able to do 1), I (or somebody else) will probably have to get
> some fixes to the current source (my Gamma++10^23MHz may reveal
> bugs any ordinary Pentium doesn't), compile a new binary, and
> distribute the sources + binary. So, just allowing distribution
> of binary only or what ever may be enough for a CD seller, but
> it certainly isn't enough for anyone who wants to be able to
> use the software today and in five year's time. 
> When I get a system with all sorts of goodies that have restricted
> copyrights, I'll be tempted to use them, which may make me completely
> dependant on the copyright holder of the package (he may be the only
> one allowed to release a version for my new Gamma++10^23MHz).

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