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Re: Printing a list packages that no package depends on

>>"Christian" == Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

Christian> On 13 Jul 1997 srivasta@datasync.com wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I have been asked whether pkg-order can print a list of all
>> packages that no other packages depend on (useful in deciding
>> whether to delete a shared library package or not).

Christian> I just wrote something very similar: a small Perl script
Christian> based on "sgrep" to list all packages depending on a
Christian> specific package (recursively).

Christian> This is useful if one wants to know how easily a specific
Christian> package can be removed.

	Nice. However, my proposed method is different in that it
 looks through all installed packages, and then finds any that are not
 the targets of any dependency. 

Christian> If someone else should be intrested in this I could make it
Christian> available. Perhaps we should package up all those little
Christian> scripts in a package (debianutils, pkg-order, or something
Christian> else).

	If you send me the script, I'll be happy to include it in
 pkg-order. (You may of course decide that debianutils is more
 appropiate, and it is more mainstrean than pkg-order).

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