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Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.

From: bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens)
> From: alegre@saturn.superlink.net (Fernando)
> > we should act carefully. Otherwise, they could consider us a competitor!!
> I already demonstrated that we are embedded systems developers, and thus
> would indeed be perceived as competitors.

The Debain association is not in any way perceived as a an embedded
systems competitor to Cygnus.

The definition of Embedded_Systems_Software_Company in the license
refers to Embedded_Systems_Development_Software which is defined as:

       Software ... ***primarily intended*** to be used to develop
       software intended to run on Embedded_Systems.

The software produced by the Debain Association is not
"primarily intended" for use in embedded systems.  The Debain
association is not intended to be the target of the restrictions.
I think this should be obvious, but if not, and if it would be
useful to you, Cygnus could probably sign something stating this.
I am not sure this would help though, because as I understand it
you require any license be non-discriminatory, and you might still
view this license as being discriminatory.

                                               Gordon Irlam
                                               Cygnus Solutions

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