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Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.

Raul Miller wrote:
> I read it (the informal summary) as it's LGPL unless you are our
> competitor in which case it's GPL.  

I don't think they are going to release it under the LGPL or the GPL
 -- they are going to use their own license which excludes their 

What really confuses me is their motivation.  It seems that the
only purpose of the license is to prevent a few specific competitors 
from offering a GCC based development environment for embedded systems
on top of cygwin32.  They don't intend to make money with this license,
rather, they intend to discriminate against their competitors in a
tiny market.  (How many people really want to develop embedded systems
on a Windows NT system anyways?) 

(BTW, Debian could be considered a "compiler suite" - so we're excluded

Seems like an awfully shortsighted strategy for such a potentially
huge thing.  In GNU-Win32, they've got the potential to bring the
all the benefits of Free Software to the largest installed base 
of operating systems in the world.  Why stick it with a lame license?
Especially when it's not going to make them any money.


 - Jim

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