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Policy re. static linking of binaries ? (SSH)


SSH is currently dynamically linked against libc5, gmp, and zlib1.

IMHO it should be statically linked, since it is a security program, and might 
otherwise have its security affected by the replacement of one of these 
libraries --- what do others think ?

Another reason for static linking is that it provides a way of recovering from 
failed installs of ld.so and the like.  I have been saved by this in the past, 
when doing remote upgrades.

On a related issue, the upstream source for SSH includes the source for both 
gmp, and zlib1.  Should I be using those, or the Debian versions to link 
against ?
I would say that using the included source guarantees that we are running what 
other SSH users are running, which is probably a good thing.

Cheers, Phil.

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