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LOADLIN strangeness

Can someone tell me what is happening here? This user is able to boot
from CD when he adds the "-ja" flag to LOADLIN. What is this flag doing?



From: Denny Fox <dennyf@rmtaero.bfg.com>

> I can't find documentation on the "-ja" argument to LOADLIN. Where did
> you find that?
It is in manual.txt in loadlin 1.5, I'm assuming that it's
still in the current rev's manual.txt. I was glad when rev 1.5
was released, since it provided the -ja method, and I didn't
have to mess around with realbios any more like I had to do with
rev 1.4. Here's an excerpt:

             -ja       use Javier's method, disable BIOSINTV and REALBIOS.

                       (please see 5.4)

> Who makes your BIOS?

This is an Intel Advanced/EV motherboard with an AMI Bios ver 1.00.04.CB0.
I'm not actually booting the CD, I'm using loadlin to load the boot.bin
image in the CD's /boot directory with:

loadlin.exe linux root=/dev/ram -ja ro initrd=root.bin
This is the line I modified from /boot/boot.bat.

Hope this helps,

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