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Re: utmp/wtmp changes from libc5 to libc6

> That may cause a licence problem:
>   (c) You may build derived versions of this software under the restrictions
>   stated in Section 2, Restrictions, of this license. The derived versions
>   must be clearly marked as such and must be called by a name other than SSH
>   or F-Secure SSH. SSH and F-Secure SSH are trademarks of SSH Communications
>   Security and Data Fellows. 
> Are we still allowed to call the binaries you made that way ssh?
> Probably best call them debian-ssh, with a symlink  
>   /usr/bin/ssh -> debian-ssh

Oh, in that case I think we are already in violation :-(

The Makefile was tweaked by the previous maintainer to dynamicaly link against 
zlib, which means that the executable is different from what you would get 
from an out-of-the-box compile.

I'll see if Data Fellows (or whoever) will accept that the seperate patch and 
notices in README.Debian and the package description means that we are abiding 
by their terms.

Cheers, Phil.

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