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ssh licence is OK (was Re: utmp/wtmp changes from libc5 to libc6)


There was a question about whether we were allowed to distribute modified 
versions of SSH without changing the name of the package --- I asked Tatu 
Ylonen (ssh's author) and here is the relevant bit of his reply:

  The main intention of the license is to avoid proliferation of
  slightly different competing versions.  I don't see a problem with
  fixing bugs, especially if they are contained in the detached patch
  file.  Please sent any bug fixes to ssh-bugs@cs.hut.fi so that they
  can be integrated into the distribution.

  Anyway, to clarify, you are hereby permitted to distribute the
  freeware version of SSH as a package for Debian Linux, linked against
  the shared gmp and possibly containing small bug fixes as you
  described.  You are allowed to call the package "ssh" as long as there
  are no substantial changes to the protocol or the functionality.

  This of course does not imply any warranties, patent licenses, etc.,
  and the distribution should contain the normal copyright notices etc.

  Best regards,

      Tatu Ylonen  <ylo@ssh.fi>

  F-Secure Internet Security Solutions  http://www.datafellows.com/f-secure
  Free Unix SSH                         http://www.cs.hut.fi/ssh

I'll include this at the end of the copyright file.

Cheers, Phil.

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