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Re: Status of Debian Policy

On Jul 7, Christian Schwarz wrote
> > >  If a package needs any special device files that are not included
> > >  in the base system, it has to call makedev in the postinst script,
> > >  after asking the user for permission to do so.

ask for permissions ? if someone want's to install isdnutils. he surely
also wants isdn devices (one is useless without the other).

> > I have written and am about to package a modular device driver for a
> > speech synthesizer.  makedev does not know about this device.  

i can fix that, if you give me some hints.

> > Also, the major device number is assigned dynamically, so the
> > special device file can only be created after the module is
> > installed.  

makedev can do that, if the module registers in /proc/devices. 
no need to hard code the major device number.

> > I suggest adding something like this to your second paragraph:
> > 
> >     Special device files for devices with dynamically assigned major
> >     device numbers should be created by a script that runs after the
> >     module is installed.  Those special device files should also be
> >     removed when the module is removed.  For example, see depmod(1) for
> >     the "post-install" and "post-remove" configuration commands for
> >     /etc/conf.modules.

you can also do that with makedev ...
(makedev parses /proc/devices. you might want to lokk at /etc/devinfo :
helloworld device).

> I agree to your addition. (Andreas, what do you think?) If there are no
> objections, this section will be added to the next policy. (Probably,
> I'll rewrite it to make it fit in.)

it's ok, but you can do all that with makedev...
please try makedev first, before using a script.
of course, it might be necessary to allow scripts in packages that are
under rapid developing and with lot's of changes. but all stable
packages should use makedev, if there is no reason not to do.

regards, andreas

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