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Re: Recompiling packages for Pentium.

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> > Is it possible, as some people mentioned, to recompile packages to take
> > advantage of gcc-pentium.  This could be like the m68k port.  The main
> > advantage I see, if we prove that the packages are stable, is that we
> > would probably have the fastest distribution that runs on Pentiums and
> > Ppros.
> > 
> > I have plenty of disk space to do the recompiles if people think this is a
> > good idea.
> I own a Pentium so, if the packages are stable, I vote for it.
> (But how much is the gain in speed? I dont think the recompile
> is worth to gain only a 3-5% in speed.)

Well it depends.  One of the authors, has his whole machine compiled with
pgcc, kernel,x,all /usr/bin..., so it seems stable.  However, it seems to
have gotten a few of gcc-2.8.0's bugs, and it didn't compile all c++
programs I threw at it.  This really isn't it's fault since it's pretty
much known that 1)a new libg++ is needed, and 2)g++ is broken. 

On the speed front, it really depends according to them.  They say the
speed increase can be anywhere from 5-30%.  Their hand tweaked version of
gzip, is about 35% faster.


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