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Re: Recompiling packages for Pentium.

On Jul 6, Shaya Potter wrote
> Is it possible, as some people mentioned, to recompile packages to take
> advantage of gcc-pentium.  This could be like the m68k port.  The main
> advantage I see, if we prove that the packages are stable, is that we
> would probably have the fastest distribution that runs on Pentiums and
> Ppros.
> I have plenty of disk space to do the recompiles if people think this is a
> good idea.

enough space ? if you can get a source mirror : 
i always wanted to test my auto compiler script and add additional
functionality to work with a source tree. so i could make the changes
and send them to you. currently the script will only work with a suid
build command (i couldn't figure out how to allow "debian/rules" with
sudo : it did not accept relative paths), after compiling some packages,
you could switch to use fakeroot (so we can also try that :-)

i like the idea (ok, the speed doesn't matter for me. it the idea of
someone testing my script, so i can improve it :-)

regards, andreas

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